Dim Sum Harmonica Club

Dim Sum – a unique feature of Hong Kong with a delicate heart.

Dim Sum Harmonica Club is distinctive with diverse strengths, as savor of different dim sum dishes. Founded in 2004, its members are enthusiastic in learning from and sharing with each other harmonica music and art. The Club has participated in local and overseas harmonica events and activities. In 2004, it took part in the 5th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival in Hong Kong and was awarded Certificate of Excellence in the category of Harmonica Ensemble. In 2005, some members joined Hong Kong Harmonica Association to represent Hong Kong to participate in the World Harmonica Festival 2005 in Trossingen, Germany. The Hong Kong Delegation was placed first in the category of Harmonica Orchestra in the Festival. In 2006, Dim Sum was placed second in the category of Harmonica Ensemble in the 6th Asia-Pacific Harmonica Festival in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2007, it organized a workshop on harmonica at Yuen Long Arts Festival. In 2008, it organized a concert at Shatin Town Hall.


  • Lau, Grace Suk-yee (Concertmaster / Bass Harmonica)
  • Lau, Chi-lung (Arranger / Chord Harmonica)
  • Seto, Andy Wood-hung (Soloist / First Treble Harmonica)
  • Yeung, Raphael Yee-fai (Principal First Treble Harmonica)
  • So, Pinky Man-ho (First Treble Harmonica)
  • Yuen, Sharon Sze-man (First Treble Harmonica)
  • So, Rebecca Wai-kuen (Principal Second Treble Harmonica)
  • Tang, Miu-shun (Second Treble Harmonica)
  • Wu, Alex Wing-tak (Second Treble Harmonica)
  • Poon, Vince Miu-sheung (Principal Tenor Harmonica)
  • Wong, Vicky Lai-kuen (Tenor Harmonica)
  • Yeung, Yun-man (Chord Harmonica)
  • Chan, Gary Pak-leung (Bass Harmonica)